Everyone on Earth has their own Magic Well.
Are you ready to discover yours?


The Magic Well (n): an imaginal realm – just as real as the world of direct experience – from which our most innovative inspirations arise. It is an integral part of life that helps us bring magic to the mundane, and manifest our deepest desires in the physical world.


calling all

Creative hearts, passionpreneurs, spirit-centered professionals,
and anyone whose work has roots in the soul:


Release your disorganization overwhelm, clear the clutter keeping you stuck, and make more room for beauty, action, and steady momentum.

Find grace in your relationship to money, get soul-fully aligned with your financial goals, learn the rules of the game, and never drop that abundance manifestation ball again.


Get your calendar totally harmonized with who you are, and your “big picture” so you can do more stuff you love, and streamline stuff you don’t.

Create more of what you want in your life – profit, a well-run business, more happiness, etc. without sacrificing your authenticity or integrity.


Infuse the boring stuff with meaning, so it’s more fun, juicy, and ties your spirit sense into the “real world.”

Ready to Explore?


the goal

sarah-headshotI’m Sarah Downey – intuitive systems and meaningful wealth advisor, here to help you invest powerfully in your purpose, and give your brilliance space to grow.

 With 20 years of facilitation, spiritual, financial, and organizational experience, I love empowering big dreamers (like you) with the clear guidance they’ve been waiting for. 

The goal is simple: to create systems for living and working that tap into your personal magic, and help you tune into your deepest desires and goals.

Translation? I’m here to get you focused, well-ordered, and ready to roll, so you can start putting more of your work and genius out in the world.





Yiye Zhang

Intuitive Business Advisor for Lightworker Entrepreneurs

Sarah has a rare ability to approach the 3D reality in a down-to-earth, grounded yet spiritual manner. She walks her talk and leads by example. It has been a great honour to have connected with her. She is an earth angel who is here to bridge the gap between the earth and subtle realms. You’ll be so glad that you are in her capable hands.

Ashala Yardley

Intuitive Guide and Counsellor, Writer, Dance Teacher and Performer

Sarah supported me with visionary heart-centred financial coaching. I was impressed by the way that Sarah navigates so easily between her ability to be playful and spontaneous while staying task oriented, grounded, and pragmatically focused. I appreciated Sarah’s calm supportive presence, her intuition, natural humour and curiosity and her zest for life.
The best thing about working with Sarah is that it’s always fun 🙂
Would I recommend Sarah to a friend? Yes Yes Yes!


Kathleen Donison


Sarah did an eye opening financial planning session with me. I really appreciate that someone who is so awake to what is truly important in life can provide help and guidance through the confusing and often dark world of finance. Sarah’s advise to me for follow-up actions were thoughtful, deliberately crafted and truly helpful for what I needed. Sarah’s clear insight and intuition come from a place that is inspired and up-lifting. It’s nice to have someone wholly on your side! I would most definitely recommend Sarah’s services. If you are a change maker, Sarah’s offerings will help you become more effective on your path.


dive into the magic well


If you

Live your life from an intuitive place, but could use some extra tools to navigate your greater “real world” desires.

Want to learn to play the money game, so you can finally master financial management, and simple abundance.

Need step-by-step systems for achieving your higher personal, professional, or spiritual aims that feel in tune with your spirit, and sense of self.

Have clutter in your home, schedule, or overall energy that could use clearing and organizing.

Crave a refreshed sense of calm and simplicity in this crazy world.

… You’re exactly where you need to be.

I help extraordinary folks (like you) uncover soul-fueled ways to organize their day-to-day life, goals, and finances by dipping into their own Magic Well.